Welcome to Our Client Center

At Boffa & Company we believe that an educated client with whom we are in consistent communication is best positioned to make informed decisions about their future and business. Please make use of these tools as together we work to position you for continued success.

Secure File Transfer

Send files to our office securely. Please make sure to select the staff member who works with you.

If you are not a client of Boffa and Company, you are prohibited from uploading documents to our firm. Any documents we receive that are not from recognized clients of this firm will be immediately deleted.

Connect to Remote Support

Connect to our remote support application using your support key. If you do not have a support key, please contact us.

The remote support tool is for use by clients of Boffa & Company only. Please contact our office prior to utilizing the tool.

Make a Secure Payment

Use our payment form to securely process a one-time payment.

This link is only for payment of our services — NOT for payments to any taxing agencies or authorities.