We provide a comprehensive menu of tax planning and tax return services to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

We help individuals consider the tax ramifications of their varied financial options to minimize their tax exposure. We help map their path to retirement and enable them to take the proper steps along that path so they attain their dreams. We assist with any issues with the IRS and state and local taxing agencies.

Tax Requirements

We ensure our business clients adhere to all current tax requirements. By getting to know their businesses intricately we help them make operational decisions that minimize their tax exposure and through our network of relationships with firms in other disciplines we help them with non-tax matters, as well.

Estate Planning

We help individuals and business owners with estate planning services to ensure a transfer of your assets to your loved ones in a way that maximizes value while minimizing tax exposure. We work closely with your financial planner and attorneys. We review estate plans on an ongoing basis to ensure decisions made yesterday remain best in today’s environment. In addition, we help business owners ensure continuity of operation and an orderly succession of ownership.

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